About Our Blog

Hello and welcome to our blog.

Middle Class Wealth Builder (MCWB) is a blog created by Middle Class Wealth Solutions (MCWS) to share insights and perspectives about the challenges and hurdles in the way of middle class wealth building as well as proffer solutions and options.

There are many blogs, websites and similar platforms that highlight the challenges facing the middle class, the seeming unfairness of it all and how the rich are getting richer while everyone else is either getting poorer or barely holding on. However, if all we do is highlight (rant about) the same problems, we wouldn’t be adding any value to the marketplace.  As we highlight specific problems, we intend to identify root causes and propose turnkey solutions.

The inequality of access to upward mobility opportunities is a potentially polarizing issue and there are passionate defenders of different viewpoints on what the  remedies should be – usually based on ideological perspectives (‘left’ versus ‘right’, ‘socialist’ versus ‘capitalist’, ‘free markets’ versus ‘regulated markets’). We at MCWS are not in the business of endorsing any one viewpoint over the other – there are good and bad elements of each viewpoint. We favour a pragmatic (solutions oriented) approach to solving these problems regardless of ideology.

We do not believe that the status quo – in which the middle class is continually squeezed – can be reversed by government policies nor do we believe that the world would automatically become a fairer place if the rich and wealthy are left to their own devices. We do believe however that if middle class folks have access to the same education (not academic, but real life street smarts) and vehicles that the rich use to accumulate, preserve and transfer wealth intergenerationally (one generation to the next),  we would be on the way to stemming the tide of income inequality.

Let us also be clear that having the education and access to right vehicles is one thing but it would do no good if middle class folks don’t take action and do things differently. One of the greatest challenges of middle class folks is the need to conform (bandwagon effect) and the tendency to ‘do things right’ (especially in purchase decisions and other elements of behaviour inimical to one’s self interest) instead of ‘doing the right thing’.

Some may consider our blog name (Middle Class Wealth Builder – MCWB) a misnomer – because there are very few pointers in our world today that suggest or promote the concept of wealth accumulation to middle class folks.

On the other hand, there are many in the middle class who are determined to build wealth but they find many obstacles in the way of wealth building – we would like to work together with these folks to chart a path.

In spite of the obstacles, MCWS believes that middle class folks (especially the ones willing to pay the price) should have the option of building wealth (not in the form of retirement savings but of what we like to call ‘personal equity‘) based on predictable cash flow. We also believe that credible options and paths to financial independence should be made available to middle class folks irrespective of how much each has to invest. The prevailing status quo, (that allows only accredited investors access to certain investment options and vehicles), cannot result in a fairer society over the long haul – especially when the losses arising from reckless speculation in these restricted vehicles are socialized (taken on by the government through bailouts, guarantees and so on) while the profits are privatized (retained by the privileged few).