We currently have a number of discount coupons of which you may use any ONE (coupons cannot be combined) – we urge you to use the coupon with the highest discount rate.

These coupons are to be applied on the checkout page in the appropriate box (exactly below the line that reads ‘Total: $110.62‘) – after you enter the coupon code [to enter the coupon code, copy and paste  or type – e.g. EARLYBIRD PIONEER – into the coupon code box], click the ‘Apply’ icon to the right of the coupon code box and you will get an updated subtotal.

The coupon codes are listed below along with their respective discount rates:


  • EARLYBIRD PIONEER                                                                            80% OFF
  • FIRST WAVE                                                                                             60% OFF
  • SECOND WAVE                                                                                         40% OFF
  • LAST CHANCE                                                                                          20% OFF

While these 4 coupon codes are currently active, it will not remain so forever – one by one, they will expire. The one with the highest discount (EARLY BIRD) is likely to expire first while that with the lowest discount (LAST CHANCE) is likely to expire last.

Ultimately, the only guarantee of getting to use a valid coupon is to register today while the coupon codes are still active – any of these codes could expire without prior notice at any time.

If you have any doubts, check out our Refunds page and then register immediately. You will have enough time to satisfy yourself (or remain unsatisfied, in which case you would probably seek a refund) that the MCWB Club is worth joining at the current price.