Member Oversight Function Application

Do you have what it takes to function in an oversight capacity (director, trustee, etc) with respect to MCWB Club member-owned investments and projects? If you have what it takes and are willing to fill this role, please complete the form below to set the process in motion. Thanks.
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    If you have worked in an oversight capacity (trustee, director, club/association executive), please choose an option that corresponds to the total amount of time (combined from all instances) spent in such functions. For example, 3 months in 2003, 4 months in 2008, 1 year in 2010 would imply a choice of '1 - 3 Years" based on the 1 Year 7 months total of combined instances.
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    Please upload your resume or curriculum vitae in Microsoft Word or PDF format. If you have another format you would like us to accommodate, contact us.
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