Refund Policy

In setting our refund policy, we checked around to establish a standard among other clubs. In general, it seems most (if not all) clubs do not refund subscription/membership fees. Some clubs actually charge a fairly high fee at enrollment and then an ongoing (usually monthly) fee.This would seem to make sense since members would only continue to pay monthly (or similar periodic) fees as long as they are satisfied – as soon as members conclude that the costs outweigh the benefits, they are likely to withdraw.

At the MCWB Club, we consider ourselves to be on probation for the first year – renewal time would be the moment of truth when members will (essentially) vote on extending our ’employment contract’ (as it were) or revoking it. We believe that if we do a good job, members would voluntarily renew their memberships – so, the limitations/constraints of our refund policy (from the perspective of members) do not in any way reduce the pressure we feel to remain accountable always.

In evaluating the appropriateness (or otherwise) of our policy, keep the foregoing in mind to provide a clear context.

Our refund policy is as follows:

  • Cancellations within 7 calendar (not business) days will be eligible for a full refund. We reserve the right to withhold the non-refundable per transaction fee which our merchant processors charge. For PayPal, this amounts to USD0.30 (Thirty US cents) currently.
  • After 7 calendar (not business) days, we will refund a maximum of USD75 per member based on the base (full price) subscription fee of USD110.62. If you had applied the 80% discount coupon at the point of payment for example, this means the maximum refund from (calendar) days 8 – 15 after subscription would be USD15.
  • After 15 calendar days, there will be no refunds.

During the immediate period following subscription, we encourage new members who have any questions (which if not answered satisfactorily would cause them to demand a refund) to please join one of our online discussions or read through previous (archived) discussions – we want every new member to be sure that their MCWB Club membership is a good use of funds.

The reason why it would be difficult to refund at any time during the year is because our mandate is to research and package investment opportunities for our members – this entails consultations with lawyers, accountants and other professionals along with ongoing administrative expenses. We are willing to wait forĀ  7 – 15 calendar days before using any portion of proceeds from membership subscriptions to allow members satisfy themselves that this is a legitimate, honest effort.

On the one hand, we cannot wait forever – otherwise we will not deliver what we promised; on the other hand, we (the MCWB Club) need to have the peace of mind required to engage the services of the best professionals in the marketplace in the course of packaging opportunities for members without having to worry about members asking for a refund after we may have used some part of their subscriptions to pay lawyers or accountants for example.

But, rest assured that we will remain accountable to you at all times either through regular disclosures or through a trust agreement overseen by a reputable trustee until the first year of subscription is up and you either choose to voluntarily renew your membership or otherwise. Please refer to our accountability page for more details.