Fraud (Scam) Prevention Resources

We are not necessarily in the fraud prevention business – but in a wider sense, we believe that a better informed middle class is one less vulnerable to the fraud artists out there. Also, because our approach to solving middle class financial challenges is unorthodox, we expect that some people may be tempted to think of our efforts as a scam.

We hope that visitors to this website would be able to test the overall tone and feel of our message, processes and practices against some of the resources we have provided below so they can be better positioned to make independent, informed decisions about using our services or otherwise.

Some of the resources (e.g. government regulatory agencies) provided on these links are country specific – if you investigate, your country also probably has a similar regulatory agency. Furthermore, some of the red flags highlighted can be adapted to other situations beyond the securities industry and can help you to stay on guard. Scam artists are constantly adapting/updating their methods and the investors need to equally remain on their toes to avoid being outsmarted.

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