Middle Class?

Why are we focusing our efforts (both at this blog and at MCWS – Middle Class Wealth Solutions – in general) on the middle class?

In our opinion, the middle class does most of the work but their rewards (output, compensation, remuneration – or any other name you’d prefer to call it) are not in any way commensurate with their efforts (input).

Contrary to what some may believe, the wealthy (rich) elite are not necessarily smarter than the middle class nor do they have a monopoly of expertise – indeed, a good case can be made that the middle class executes the various tasks that make the rich richer. What the rich have is access to significant sums of money to buy all the legal, accounting, tax, finance, marketing, sales and distribution ‘know how’ they’ll ever need and more. Who provides all the expertise? Largely middle class folks.

So, from the foregoing, the middle class is like the chef who brews all this wonderful, mouthwatering cuisine but is not allowed to so much as taste his food – he is only allowed to eat from the burnt leftovers. Talk to many lawyers, accountants, tax and finance experts in the middle class and they’ll confirm to you that they come up with all these brilliant schemes to make the rich richer – but are only allowed to bill per hour (or limited to a salary).

How many middle class folks have wondered in their minds (during the course of packaging business deals for the rich) why they couldn’t be allowed to participate in the same deals being put together – even if only with their meagre resources?  Instead, they are most times limited to generic mass market investment products (think of mutual funds or unit trusts) with limited upside. This is partly because the rich like to associate with similarly rich folks (for contacts, influence and so on) and see no need to accommodate lots of middle class folks. A US$10 Million deal is easier to put together for 10 parties (with each contributing US$1Million)  than for 10,000 parties (middle class folks each putting up US$1,000 for example).

Furthermore, because the rich make the rules, things are structured to leave them with more and more surplus funds for investment so that the current deal makers are never going to have an incentive to put similar deals together for the middle class who in any case are left with less and less to invest (they are barely staying afloat or downwardly mobile anyway).

We feel that middle class folks deserve an opportunity to profit on the same terms as the wealthy elite. Yes, they may not each have US$1Million or more to put down per deal, but they should have an opportunity to put their US$5 (or US$25, or US$100, or US$1,000 or whatever they can afford per deal) into similar deals and get the return associated with that small sum rather than having to deploy their hard-earned funds in a mutual fund that’s going nowhere or a bank deposit yielding below inflation returns.

The MCWB Club is the platform that allows middle class folks (MCFs) to play by the same rules as the rich. When you think of the MCWB Club, think of any country club where rich folks go to mingle, share ideas, put business deals together and so on; it’s exactly the same thing we want to do. But instead of meeting to rub minds in a fancy club with expensive food and drinks, we meet virtually (online). But all the other elements – sharing ideas, pooling resources together for mutual interest and advocating for causes that benefit us as MCFs, are exactly the same as what obtains at your local country club. The only difference is that you don’t have to be wealthy to join, all are welcome plus, the more, the merrier. Join today – if you have already joined, consider using the Tell A Friend button at the bottom of this page to invite a friend, colleague or family member.