African Opportunity

Watch this video below. Use the subtitles if you are unable to comprehend what is being said. Please focus on 6:00 to 10:00 especially. And then read the information at this link about some relevant figures.


  • The original license (before the cost of equipment, offices and personnel) was US$285 Million.
  • When investments of this size are being put together, do you think MCFs have enough to participate? (We can easily envision minimum participation being set at US$5 Million for example) Probably not.
  • But witness the growth of cellphone subscribers from 327,000 to 8,370,000 in a period under 4 years. Is this something that you would have been interested in, if given the chance to put in your $10 (or $100) for example? Probably yes.
  • There is not a lot of information available on the current valuation of the original investment but there is reason to believe that MCFs would like the opportunity of getting in on this type of deal. Check out the EBITDA margin for 2009 – 59.3%!
  • The MCWB Club is set up to provide such opportunities and provide access to similar deals. Your $100 may not go far but add it to $100 from another 99,999 people and you would suddenly get access to opportunities you could not have otherwise imagined.