Every MCWB Club member is equally important and valuable regardless of means, social standing or net worth – that is why there is only one class of membership. Every member pays the same subscription fee and that confers the right to obtain access to the same opportunities, at the same time , without discrimination or preferential treatment.

MCWB Club members deserve to know everything (about prospective projects, deals or business opportunities) that a sophisticated investor and/or accredited investor would ordinarily demand to know in the same (or similar) situation. In other words, club members deserve  (have a right to expect) the same level of respect and disclosure that is currently reserved for only the rich.

MCWB Club members have a right to participate in the best investment opportunities available anywhere – these should not be reserved for only the rich. Keep in mind that some of these opportunities are relatively higher risk, higher reward – members deserve to know exactly how risky the proposition is and how potentially rewarding it could be. The club would never bring forward a speculative project or opportunity – all propositions would be based on sound, conservative business decision analysis. Having said that, the risks attached to the acquisition of a ‘going-concern’ business (a strictly cash flow proposition) are lower than that of a real estate development project (which could offer potentially higher returns but with the possibility of more bumps in the road). For the somewhat riskier projects, the club may suggest for example that members limit their exposure to less than 1% of net worth for each single project and no more than 10% for the total portfolio of investments. Retirees on a limited fixed income would be advised to focus on lower risk, cash flow based opportunities for example.

MCWB Club members have a right to understand any legal agreement governing their dealings with the club and/or any sponsored projects. In other words, the club will not seek to use lawyers and legal agreements to confuse, intimidate or browbeat members. We know that legal agreements tend to be intimidating and will therefore seek to have each legal agreement explained to members either in an online discussion (or series of discussions) or video(s)  or a combination – this is similar to what rich folks do when they hire lawyers to translate legal agreements to everyday conversational language. As much as possible, we would seek to make 2 versions of legal agreements available – the contractual agreement that is best understood by legal practitioners as well as a simpler version that anyone should be able to comprehend.

MCWB Club members have a right to expect transparency, and the illumination of accurate knowledge. We will continually strive to keep our members informed of all matters that affect the value of their investments, and do so in a manner that is clear, fair, truthful, timely, thorough, and complete.

To facilitate quick and independent investment decisions, members have a right to be presented with all the necessary facts. To that end, we will present all our investment opportunities factually and  plainly. In this light, members can weigh for themselves the merits of each investment.

In conjunction with a foundation of unshakable trust and accurate data, members have a right to ongoing, up-to-date information and education. To aid members, MCWB Club will continually develop, provide, and recommend materials, systems, and services that will help them understand and differentiate the investment opportunities available to them – the overarching goal here is to provide platforms that bring services and opportunities, hitherto exclusively reserved for the rich, to everyday average middle class Janes and Joes.

Members have a right to be considered special regardless of net worth. We consider our members special, primarily for the effort, care, and discipline it takes them to produce, accumulate and save their investment capital. With their capital entrusted to our care, they have a right to expect that it be managed with exceptional ability on their behalf.

We welcome your suggestions and thoughts on what you think should be amended in the foregoing as well as possible additions.