Third Party Subscription

There is a non-refundable membership transfer fee of US$5 (Five United States Dollars) plus any applicable sales taxes for a third party subscription.The fee is solely as a result of the administrative effort and manpower costs associated with such a transfer – you may note that our whole membership subscription process is automated because we have limited resources and our business model is based on low fees/high volume. This (transfer) fee allows us to hire additional part-time hands (if need be) to cope with any work overload caused by the third party subscription/transfer process.

The Third Party Subscription (TPS) option is a solution directed at potential members who are unable to join the MCWB Club for a variety of reasons as well as those who wish to purchase a gift membership for a relative, friend or colleague (MCWB Club membership is a very valuable gift for any occasion – birthday, graduation or Christmas for example).

For example, the potential member may be resident in a country not in the PayPal network, or may not have a valid credit card and/or PayPal account to enable payment directly.

There are two parties to a Third Party Subscription (TPS) – the buyer and the beneficiary. For example, Joe (beneficiary) lives in Country X which is not currently in the PayPal network but is a friend or relative of Jacob (buyer) who lives in the United States. Joe and Jacob may choose to work out an agreement in which Jacob purchases the MCWB Club membership on Joe’s behalf in exchange for Joe delivering the membership cost to Jacob’s grandmother who is also resident in Country X – this is just one example. Alternatively, Janet (buyer) may wish to purchase a membership for her daughter Joanne (beneficiary)  as a means of helping Joanne accumulate wealth while growing up.

Whatever the underlying reason for a third party subscription, the procedure for getting ownership of the membership to the third party is the same and is as follows:

  • The buyer joins the MCWB Club through the regular subscription process – during checkout, it is important that the buyer uses her/his email address. This implies that the beneficiary must pay the sales taxes associated with the buyer’s billing address – at this point, there is no way around this constraint.
  • At the end of the subscription process, the buyer would be taken to the member’s dashboard (user profile) page associated with the new subscription – at this point, the buyer should click on the link named ‘Third Party Subscription Form’.
  • This form has two sections – the first section asks a series of questions about the buyer and asks for details (time, date, order number etc) that only the buyer (through access to the buyer email address used at checkout would know) while the second part asks a couple of questions about the beneficiary. The buyer needs to fill out ALL these fields correctly and accurately.
  • The buyer should submit the completed form.If there is any problem with the details on the submitted form, we will contact the buyer to clarify and resolve such issues.
  • We will then send the buyer instructions on how to pay the non-refundable transfer fee (US$5 plus any applicable taxes).
  • Upon receipt of the transfer fee, we will process the change and send out email messages to both the buyer and beneficiary to confirm the transfer. The beneficiary will also receive instruction on how to activate their new membership, enroll in the MCWB Club Email Service, change user password and any other necessary details.