Checkout Details

This page has been created to give you an idea of the subscription process flow – especially because we have a number of third party service providers like PayPal (for payments), 1ShoppingCart (hosted shopping cart solution), AWeber (our e-mail delivery service) and Digital Access Pass – DAP (our membership site software).

  • Click on either the ‘Add To cart’ link or the ‘Join The MCWB Club Now …’ link to start the subscription process
  • This will take you to the shopping cart page hosted by 1ShoppingCart – here, you will find a subtotal (most likely $110.62)
  • Right below the Subtotal, there is a box for Coupon Code – add the best available coupon from our coupons page and then click the ‘Apply’ button to the right of the coupon code box. This will give you an updated total; after you fill out the billing information on the left, you will get a final total based on the applicable sales taxes for your jurisdiction
  • When you check all the necessary boxes and click the ‘Submit Order’ button, you will be redirected to the PayPal website¬† (you will see Middle Class Wealth Solutions somewhere on that page) to complete your payment. If you already have a PayPal account, you will find it easier to complete the checkout through your PayPal account (especially if PayPal has already associated the credit card you plan to use with your PayPal account) even though there is an option for completing the payment without signing up as a PayPal user. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, it is not mandatory that you sign up as a PayPal user (you have the option of ‘Pay[ing] With a Credit Card’ – check the lower part of the screen) – the choice is yours!
  • After you complete the PayPal payment, you will see a message with your name e.g. ‘MCF, you just completed your payment’ OR ‘You just made a payment of $25. Paid to Middle Class Wealth Solutions’ along with an option to print a receipt. Right below the ‘We’ll send a confirmation email to [your email address]. This transaction will appear on your statement as MIDDLECLASS’, you will see a button marked, ‘Return to Middle Class Wealth Solutions’ please click on that button (very important!).
  • This will take a couple of seconds (or minutes if you have a slow connection), but after clicking on that button above, you will be logged in automatically to your member page in the members’ area of our website. You will see some web links listed on the member page – these are the various web pages available to members only. We will have more of these pages as our membership page grows – whenever we go out and pay for expert advice on behalf of our middle class members on legal, tax, accounting, estate planning or other matters, these are the pages on which such advice and necessary action steps will be shared with members. ALL investment opportunities will equally be made available through the member page.
  • Please log out of the member page and check the email box you used during the checkout process on the shopping cart page immediately. You should find a couple of e-mails – one from titled ‘Your Payment to Middle Class Wealth Solutions’. There will be another email message from Middle Class Wealth Solutions (memberservices titled “Thank you for your order’ and is actually an electronic receipt sent to you on our behalf by 1ShoppingCart. The third email message will be from MCWB Club (memberservices titled “Immediate Response Required – Confirm Your MCWB Club EMail Subscription’ – please open this last one immediately and follow the instructions for confirming your subscription and/or giving AWeber (our email delivery service) permission to send you emails on our behalf. When you grant this permission by following the instructions provided, you will almost immediately receive the first email from the same MCWB Club with your member page sign in (login) details (username and password) as well as instructions to change the default password provided as soon as possible so that your privacy is maintained.
  • It is equally important that you add our email address (memberservices to your contacts so that email messages from the MCWB Club don’t end up in Junk Mail or Spam folders. This is very important because ALL¬† correspondence between the MCWB Club and members will be via email – even for investment opportunities.