Oil Patch Opportunity

Please read this article (feel free to skip the first 3 paragraphs if necessary) and then review the considerations below. You may also enjoy this article.

  • We like the fact that Mr. Rose has successfully pulled off similar feats in the past (i.e. Berkley Petroleum Corp. and Duvernay Oil Corp.).
  • We also like the fact that the management team put as much as $200 Million of their own personal funds into the Tourmaline Oil Corp. project.
  • Do you think any middle class folks (MCFs) got an opportunity to participate in any of the earlier capital raising rounds (what some would refer to as entry at ‘ground level’)? We doubt it.
  • But would it have been nice to have that opportunity (i.e. MCFs getting in at ground level)? We think so.
  • The MCWB Club will make that possible in a number of ways.